Our goal is to use space wisely and invest in a promising future for our cities.



We preserve and create living space.
We make unused space usable.
We realize inspired office concepts.

Across Europe, we realize projects with an active value-creation approach to achieve sustainable added value, thereby shaping the future of our cities by optimizing the usability of existing property in line with local demand. In recent years, we have invested over 100 million euro in our properties and created modern residential and commercial space through refurbishments, renovations, extensions and conversions.

An environment worth living in is attracting more and more people who are looking to find their place in a community – be it for living or working.

Following our development strategy, we create living and working environment that allows individuals and businesses to rent or purchase space that is just right for them. By creating such space, we contribute to an increasing supply and affordable prices for future tenants and buyers.

For the successful implementation of innovative ARVE projects we are in constant dialogue with all parties involved: architects, engineers, project controllers, property managers, lawyers and brokers.

The added value of this constant communication and coordination lies in discussing and deciding on even small details together, thus feeding new impressions and innovative ideas into the development and implementation. This connection between ARVE and our partners takes place on an integrated basis, where we always refer to our values:

Plannability , meaningfulness, sustainability and future viability.


The departure
into the future

ESG is the goal. Sustainability
is the way.

We build efficiently.
We save resources.
We respect people.

With each of our projects, we pursue a holistically considered approach. We pay particular attention to the natural environment of the property and align the planned use with local circumstances. In doing so, we create added value for the area and actively contribute to a promising future for the location.

Only a forward-thinking project can bring long-term financial success.

Our measures make ARVE properties innovative and future-proof investments. Among our tenants are social clubs, schools, universities, ministries, police, as well as non-profit and non-profit organizations. We maintain a close relationship with all the people who have rented our properties and are always open to their wishes, thoughts, and ideas. Arve systematically integrates the analysis of sustainability factors into the evaluation process before each investment decision, based on the information available at the time of evaluation.

On sustainability policy and SFDR disclosure – 
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Arve does not manage or offer funds that meet the criteria of Article 9 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

The Arve Policy on sustainability risks


ESG ist das Ziel. Nachhaltig­keit
ist der Weg.

Download the compensation policy of Arve here.
Download the investment strategy and fund reports here (coming soon).

Arve does not manage or offer funds that meet the criteria of Article 9 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosure requirements in the financial services sector, as amended (the „Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation“ or „SFDR“), ARVE FUND MANAGEMENT S.A. („ARVE“) endeavors to take into account sustainability risks with the help of the relevant financial product manufacturers and external advisors (as applicable).

According to the SFDR, sustainability risk means an environmental, social or governance („ESG“) event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of an investment.

Such risks are assessed for each investment fund on a case-by-case basis and can take various forms, such as climate change regional risks (e.g. more regular fires or floods), public boycott campaigns, local risks of corruption or fraud.

Sustainability risks analyses are integrated by ARVE into the assessment process carried out prior to each investment decision based on available information.

Arve does not take into account any negative impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

According to the SFDR, sustainability factors are environmental, social and employment matters, respect for human rights, anti‐corruption and anti‐bribery matters.

As the legal framework regarding sustainability adverse impacts is still in formation and the methodologies for considerations of principal adverse impacts on sustainability factors are in full development and have not yet reached maturity within the sustainable finance industry, ARVE does not currently consider principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors.

ARVE expects this will be a work in progress until the sustainable finance industry is more evolved in the methodology of measuring and reporting sustainability adverse impact in a way that is useful for investors.

ARVE will review this policy as the relevant legal framework and technical methodologies are developed further. Any material amendment to ARVE’s approach will be updated on its website in accordance with the SFDR.



The properties in our portfolio are not just investments for us – they are our passion. Our expertise, the ARVE network and our local partners form the basis on which we acquire properties and develop our strategies for value-add.

We invest in both value-add properties with an investment volume of EUR 10 to 200 million and prime properties with an investment volume of EUR 50 to 500 million.

Whether it is a matter of repositioning, renovating or expanding lettable space – by taking an individual approach we plan every step ahead and constantly test our concepts for our four ARVE values:

  • Predictability
  • Sustainability
  • Meaningfulness
  • Innovation
  • Value add
  • Prime
  • We focus on Germany’s top 7 cities and growing B cities, as well as Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and growing metropolitan areas across Europe.

    The investment volume for our value-add transactions ranges from EUR 10 to 200 million.

    Our main investment criteria:

    • Residential properties with upside as well as buildings with expansion potential in central locations
    • Offices in central locations with short WALT and upside potential through repositioning or increasing rental income
    • Commercial and hotel properties with unsolved tenant issues and capex requirement
    • Mixed-use properties with capex requirements

    Renovation, restructuring, repositioning or recapitalization are the four main approaches in our strategy for value-add.

  • We focus on the European metropolitan areas Milan, Paris, London, Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg and Vienna, as well as the German top 7 cities.

    The investment volume for our prime properties is between EUR 50 and 500 million.

    We concentrate on Core & Core+ in A-locations – including mixed-use properties, prestigious office buildings, premium retail space and hotels.

    Long holding periods in central locations, long-term tenant turnover and future repositioning provide us with a promising strategic basis for the individual development of our prime properties.



We follow our beliefs.
We are constantly evolving.
We always think ahead.

At ARVE, every decision is based on our passion: future-proof real estate with promising prospects. We work from our offices in Luxembourg and our service offices in Grünwald and Innsbruck. This is how we have become the trusted transaction partner we are for public and private institutions since our foundation in 1999.

It is our mission to develop inspired and high-quality real estate.

Our four core strengths are the foundation of our long-term success. Finding the right approach is the challenge in each new project – after all, each property has its individual specifications. Over the years, we have been able to further optimize our processes to focus entirely on our four ARVE strengths. We can guarantee a speedy, reliable, and secure transaction process for all parties involved.


About 200 million in capital commitments enable us to carry out transactions of significant size.


Due to smart execution processes, broad-based expertise and a team of specialists, we are able to execute our transactions in a timely and efficient manner.


Our investors have placed their trust in ARVE for many years, enabling us to finance large transactions with existing capital commitments.


Our international network provides us with valuable access, insight and ideas for all ARVE projects.

1 million m²

of residential and commercial space acquired



+2 billion EUR

real estate capital under management

+10 metropolises

Transactions carried out in Geneva, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Milan, Nyon, Luxembourg amongst others



We use numbers and brains.
We challenge ourselves.
We are the ARVE team.

We apply the same rules for our team as we do for our projects: we believe in superb quality and real class.  Our ARVE team combines countless years of expertise and specialized knowledge from many relevant backgrounds, giving us strong core competencies in the areas of research, acquisition due diligence, asset management, development and, as a matter of course, legal and tax issues, and transactions.

The perfect balance between people, expertise, and objectives is necessary to find consensus for a successful collaboration.

Through our extensive network, we are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities. Our research process identifies target markets that combine solid fundamentals with attractive prospects. An in-depth evaluation by our team is followed by detailed legal and technical due diligence with our trusted advisors. Only if a property meets all requirements, do we add it to the ARVE portfolio.

Arve Fund Management is a registered AIFM under Article 3(2)(b) of the Luxembourg AIFM Law, supervised by the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority, CSSF. ARVE offers comprehensive services in funds management, reporting, and compliance, particularly AML/CFT and KYC checks.

JP A&M focuses on consulting services in the areas of real estate management as well as strategic consulting within the scope of our projects. This takes place primarily in connection with the management, development, purchase, and sale of real estate, as well as the holding and management of investments.



Since ARVE was founded, our investment focus has been on the Alpine region, where we have realized the majority of our investments. Our geographical focus represents the strongest economic region in Europe with long-term demand for rental and owner-occupied space. In addition, we are active in growing cities such as London, Madrid, Paris, Luxembourg and Milan. In doing so, we do not only source attractive international investment opportunities but also maintain a future-proof, diversified portfolio.

Office / ca. 44 000 m²


Office / ca. 10 000 m²


Office & retail / ca. 10 000 m²


Living / ca. 21 000 m²


Living / ca. 16 000 m²




Here you can find all the news about our work. Feel free to browse our previous messages as well – this way you will get a good overview of what we have achieved in the past years and can get your personal picture of ARVE.

View previous news

Project overview

Location: Oberschleißheim
Main usage: Living
Lettable area: Over 21 000 m²
Investment period: 6 Years

Basis of transaction:

  • Maintenance backlog
  • Small units with high flexibility
  • High demand for living space
  • Investments in real estate (Capex) of over €30 million

Special features:

  • Social charter for existing tenants
  • No financial burden on tenants due to investments
  • Renovation of green areas, new children’s playgrounds, renewal of the transfer station for heat utilisation of the block-type thermal power station.

Project overview

Location: Augsburg
Main usage: Office
Lettable area: Over 10 000 m²
Investment period: 4 Years

Basis of transaction:

  • „Manage-to-core“ object
  • Fully let at acquisition, but with short WALT and low rental income
  • Over €1 million invested in capex for refurbishment, sustainability and fire protection measures

Special features:

  • Rental to daycare centre, Free State of Bavaria and City of Augsburg.

Project overview

Location: Munich
Main usage: Office
Lettable area: circa 44 000 m²
Investment period: 4 Years

Basis of transaction:

  • High vacancy rate and low rent level
  • Manage-to-core project in attractive micro location in Munich
  • Retail, medical and office location in the north-eastern part of Munich
  • Functioning micro-location with hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and flats

Special features:

  • Revitalisation of a dilapidated property with a capex budget of over €9 million for refurbishment and fire protection.

Project overview

Location: Salzburg
Main usage: Office & Retail
Lettable area: 10 000 m²
Investment period: 4 Years

Basis of transaction:

  • Striking building in historic old town
  • Outdated retail tenant structure
  • Planning permission obtained for conversion to a hotel for the upper floors
  • Planning of further areas in the roof and more efficient use while preserving the listed buildings

Special features:

  • Total capex was over €2.5 million for restructuring and preparation for construction

Project overview

Location: Hamburg
Main usage: Living
Lettable area: Over 16 000 m²
Investment period: 5 years

Basis of transaction:

  • Building with maintenance backlog in the heart of Hamburg
  • Over €10 million invested in renovation
  • Location and housing mix in demand

Special features:

  • Introduction of a modern living concept in a landmark listed building